Restrictions to brewing

So let’s go over the obvious restrictions time, space and money.

Ok so you’re looking at 3-4 hours on your brewing day (nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon ), and about 30 minutes on bottling day, . Clean up and set up are minimal when it comes to 5 litre brewing, and BIAB means less mess.

Minimal space is needed hence my name onebedroombrewer..

Be smart, stack things up, you can put all your brewing bits and pieces inside your brew pot you really don’t need much space at all. Oh…yes…see that crappy stove, I actually brew on that thing.

Being a brewer can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. My blog is about getting the best and easiest brewing experience on the cheap, so you’ll be looking between $150-$300 to be set up, but once you’ve got all your equipment, it’s only ingredients you have to buy for each brew.

2 thoughts on “Restrictions to brewing

  1. great work! I’m about embark on my first brew, kit from smallbatch
    I look forward to reading more

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