Equipment- basic

When it comes to equipment it’s easy to get sucked in to spending more money than you have to. A starter kit is the best way to get all the basic things you need. For brewing 5 litres BIAB I highly recommend The Small Batch Brew Starter Kit for about $100.

I’ve met with the owner of this company, he went to great lengths and multiple suppliers to bring this starter kit together, he’s also the only supplier I know of in Australia that has a good selection All Grain Recipe Kits especially for 5 litre BIAB. This means you get what you need to make your beer from scratch with the perfect amount of ingredients for 5 litres. As you get more experience you can source your ingredients separately at a cheaper cost, but the All Grain Recipe Kits makes things easy when starting out with the full instructions of how to go about brewing your specific recipe.

So that’s your ingredients and basics sorted, but you will need a few other things..

A brew pot….. I got mine from IKEA. There are 4 main characteristics I recommend for you brew pot….in order of importance..

1) Size- 10 litres is ideal, although your final batch size will be 5 litres, during the brewing process the volume of liquid will be higher, I found a 10 litre pot big enough, but you could even go 11 or 12 litre

2) Material- stainless steel is recommended in the brewing community as it’s easy to clean, long-lasting, and won’t contaminate your brew

3) Insulated base- the base of my pot has two layers of stainless steel with one layer of aluminium in between. A thick or insulated base will distribute heat more evenly, hold temperature better, and prevent burning due to sharp spikes in temperature, all helpful to producing a better brew.

4) Volume indication ( pictured )- although not always necessary, can be helpful to know how much wort ( liquid ) is in your pot at any one time for calculations.

 My pot ( pictured) has all the characteristics I mentioned and it was about $50, so don’t spend much more that that…Ive seen similar pots very expensive online. You will need a second pot or saucepan that holds 4-5 litres but hopefully you already have one lying around at home.

You’ll need a decent size spoon for stirring the grains, but once again, don’t get sucked in to buying one, I’m sure you’ll have something adequate at home.

Ok… that’s the basics covered, and we’ve spent about $150.

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